This year ESWA is adding a new Trailhead Host Program.  As our Wilderness trails become ever more popular, Wilderness education becomes increasingly vital for protecting our wild places. Trailhead Hosts staff a table in three-hour shifts to help educate users about Wilderness values and offer information. ESWA provides a Trailhead Host Kit that includes a table, ESWA banner, maps, Leave No Trace information, educational material, etc. The kits even include loaner dog leashes for dog owners who’ve have forgotten theirs.


Trailhead Hosts must have taken our Volunteer Wilderness Ranger training. ESWA has agreed with the USFS to provide Trailhead Hosts at some of the most popular trails on some of the most popular days. Each Host must agree to cover a three hour shift -- either from 10 am to 1 pm, or from 1 pm to 4 pm. 


To sign up to be a host at one of our assigned trailheads on one of our assigned days click the "Host Sign-Up" link to the right. 

  • Only two hosts are needed for each shift. (note:  click on the week of your shift at the bottom of the calendar page, not on the date in the calendar itself).

  • If the shift you desire is already full, please try for a different day or trailhead. 

  • You will be contacted by one of our Trailhead Host Coordinators, either Dave Owens or Ellie Finlay, prior to shift about how to obtain your TH Host Kit prior to your shift and what to do with the Kit after your shift is done.  Within 24 hours following your shift please complete the After Host Report using the link to the right.

  • ​If you have any questions please contact your Trailhead Host Coordinator or email