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Why Volunteer?


People volunteer for 6 different reasons*, and ESWA can satisfy all 6.


      1. Help others.  Become an ESWA Volunteer Wilderness Ranger (VWR) and assist visitors to the Wilderness, teaching them Leave No Trace principles.

      2. Be involved in the community.  Dozens of local residents make up our energetic and friendly team of VWRs, Sawyers, and Trail Crews.

     3. Contribute to a cause. Public lands are facing historic threats; join our Advocacy Team to fight for the cause of Wilderness.

     4. Develop new skills & have new experiences.  Our Trail Crews can teach you to use Pulaskis, Coronas, and Mattocks to repair damaged trails, and our Sawyer Certification course can teach you to use a crosscut saw for clearing downed trees.

      5. Use your skills in a productive way.  From boots on the ground to laptops on the web, we will utilize your skills and satisfy your personal desire to help.

     6. Stay fit.  As an ESWA volunteer you will be out enjoying the most protected public land in North America.

And we add a number 7: Have fun! And we do.

​* D.R. Heyman, Nonprofit Management 101, Jossy-Bass, 2011.

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