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Each Friday ESWA publishes an article called "Get Wild" in the Summit Daily News. The series covers a variety of topics of interest to lovers of wilderness. In addition, occasional articles appear in the Vail Daily under the banner "Hike of the Week" or "Curious Nature".

Copies of recent articles are linked below. 

19 April 2024: Get Wild:  The Blue Marble, by Joyce Mosher

12 April 2024: Get Wild:  Wild spring up high, by Frances Hartogh

4 April 2024: Get Wild: But We Still Need Wilderness, by Mike Browning

29 March 2024: Get Wild: Our Lives are Measured by The Moon, by Joyce Mosher

22 March 2024: Get Wild: Preserving wilderness for future generations, by Stasia Stockwell

15 March 2024: Get Wild: This trail is in big need of our help, by Jim Alexander

9 March 2024: Get Wild: Why Are Backcountry Search & Rescue Teams Always Harping about the 10 Essentials, by Dale Atkins, Bruce Beckmann, and Anna DeBattiste

2 March 2024: Get Wildd: The history of names — Eagles Nest Wilderness , by Karn Stiegelmeier

23 February 2024: Get Wild: Self-interest — another reason to “doo” the right thing, Frances Hartogh

16 February 2024: Get Wild; Ruminating on Ruminants, by Frank Lilly

9 February 2024: Get Wild: The arctic blast, a gift from Mother Nature, by Gail Marshall

2 February 2024: Get Wild: The In-Town - the most important person in your party, by Bruce Beckmann

26 January 2024: Get Wild: Why Are Wilderness Areas Unique, by Mike Browning

19 January 2024: Get Wild: Beautiful bald eagles, by Karn Stiegelmeier

12 January 2024: Get Wild: The Wisdom of Biomimicry, by Joyce Mosher

4 January 2024: Get Wild: Pikas go subnivean, a land full of snow tunnels and hay, by Frances Hartogh

29 December 2023: Get Wild: When is a beacon not a beacon? by Anna DeBattiste

22 December 2023: Get Wild: Mushrooms, Christmas and winter solstice, by Stasia Stockwell

15 December 2023: Get Wild: Chicka-dee-dee, how do ya do it? by Karn Stiegelmeier

8 December 2023: Get Wild: Ski area sidecountry is backcountry, by Anna DeBattiste

1December 2023: Get Wild: Winter flora in the High Country, by Stasia Stockwell

24 November 2023: Get Wild: Metamorphosis … for a change, by Joyce Mosher

17 November 2023: Get Wild: We don’t have to say ‘Bah! Humbug!’ to holiday lighting, by Martie Semmer

10 November 2023: Get Wild: November is Native American Month, by Karn Stiegelmeier

3 November 2023: Get Wild: Living with wildlife, by Frank Lilly

27 October 2023: Get Wild: Bats in the High Country, by Stasia Stockwell

20 October 2023: Get Wild: Making humanity more wild, by Joyce Mosher

13 October 2023: Get Wild: Wildlife will thank us for our efforts to reduce light pollution!  by Martie Semmer

6 October 2023: Get Wild: Indigenous Peoples’ Day , by Karn Stiegelmeier

29 September 2023: Get Wild: Colorado’s awesome state mammal could use a little help, by Frances Hartogh

22 September 2023: Get Wild: September is National Wilderness Month! by, Karn Stiegelmeier

15 September 2023: Get Wild: A bear's life, by Frances Hartogh

8 September 2023: Get Wild: Plan for rapidly deteriorating weather, by Charles Pitman

1 September 2023: Get Wild: Glories of the summer’s end , by Karn Stiegelmeier

25 August 2023: Get Wild: Measuring wilderness ‘character’, Jim Alexander

18 August 2023: Get Wild: What’ve those llamas been up to?, by Frances Hartogh

11 August 2023: Get Wild: The do’s and don’ts of campfires in the backcountry, by Stasia Stockwell

4 August 2023: Get Wild: Alphabet soup?, by Frank Lilly

28 July 2023: Get Wild: What is happening with Summit County’s forests?, by Thekla Schultz

21 July 2023: Get Wild: When does search and rescue call for a helicopter?, by Charles Pitman

14 July 2023: Get Wild: Can we save our wilderness areas?, by Dave Brewster

7 July 2023: Get Wild: Lingering summer snow, by Stasia Stockwell

30 June 2023: Get Wild: Supporting those who steward our National Forests, by Jamie Werner

23 June 2023: Get Wild: The Sun is Out and the Sunflowers are Watching!, by Karn Stiegelmeier

16 June 2023: Get Wild: Do adults need to hug a tree? by Charles Pitman

9 June 2023: Get Wild: Llamas Help Maintain Our Trails, by Krista Hughes

2 June 2023: Get Wild: Don’t Eat the Red Snow, by Stasia Stockwell

26 May 2023: Get Wild: Get to know Summit County’s noxious/invasive weeds, by John Taylor

19 May 2023: Get Wild: Yes, we do love our wildlife, by Mike Browning

12 May 2023: Get Wild: Celebrating World Migratory Day, by Susan Bonfield

5 May 2023: Get Wild: Cucumber Gulch is a wildlife haven, by Stasia Stockwell

28 April 2023: Get Wild: Want a safe hike? Tie your shoes, by Charles Pitman

21 April 2023: Get Wild: Beware the great Spring Poop melt out, by Frances Hartogh

14 April 2023: Get Wild: Happy Earth Day ...And Night, by Martie Semmer

7 April 2023: Get Wild: Big Winters, Bigger Droughts, by Stasia Stockwell

31 March 2023: Get Wild: Little hawks – reflections of an educator/naturalist, by Laura Peterson

24 March 2023: Get Wild: Hiking Apps: Do the pros outweigh the cons?, by Krista Hughes

17 March 2023: Get Wild: If you lose the trail, don’t necessarily follow your nose, by Charles Pitman

10 March 2023: Get Wild: Let’s Care About Bears, by Stasia Stockwell

3 March 2023: Get Wild: Beavers in Winter, by Bill Betz

24 February 2023: Get Wild: Charms of the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness, by Mike Browning

17 February 2023: Get Wild: Sharing winter wilderness with our pups, by Frances Hartogh

10 February 2023: Get Wild: How cold is too cold for pine beetles?, by Stasia Stockwell

3 February 2023: Get Wild: Why should you report an avalanche?, by Charles Pitman

27 January 2023: Get Wild: My gift to Colorado preserving Colorado’s treasures one photo at a time, by John Fielder

20 January 2023: Get Wild: Birding with youngsters, by Liz Roush

13 January 2023: Get Wild:  How do you stay warm in winter, by Frank Lilly

06 January 2023: Get Wild: Leaving no trace in winter, by Stasia Stockwell

30 December 2022: Get Wild: Let’s make resolutions for caretaking our precious backcountry and wilderness lands, by Karn Stiegelmeier

23 December 2022: Get Wild: Is early season backcountry travel safe, by Charles Pitman

16 December 2022: Get Wild: Winter Birds are counting on you, by Joan Betz

10 December 2022: Vail Daily: Curious Nature The Nuchu who were here before us, by Susie Kincade

09 December 2022: Get Wild: Avalanche season has returned, by Stasia Stockwell

02 December 2022: Get Wild: Turning white in winter, by Karn Stiegelmeier

19 November 2022: Vail Daily: Curious Nature Shifting winters and climate change, by Frances Hartogh

25 November 2022: Get Wild: A short history of the Eagles Nest Wilderness, by Mike Browning

18 November 2022: Get Wild: Thankful for water, in all its forms, Stasia Stockwell

11 November 2022: Get Wild: Critical Decision Making Saved a Life, Charles Pitman

4 November 2022: Get Wild: Honoring Those Who Came Before Us On This Land, Mike Harrison

28 October 2022: Get Wild: Maximizing the health of Colorado's black bears, David Neils

22 October 2022: Vail Daily:Curious Nature:What causes wild eyes to shine in the night, Frances Hartogh

21 October 2022: Get Wild: Hunting and Wilderness, Mike Browning

14 October 2022: Get Wild: Indigenous roots protect nature's roots, Stasia Stockwell

07 October 2022: Get Wild: World Migratory Bird Day: Dim the Lights for Birds at Night, Martie Semmer

30 September 2022: Get Wild: Invasive musk thistle will take a lot of work to get out of our wild places, John Taylor

23 September 2022: Get Wild: The Leaf Peepers are Coming, Frances Hartogh

21 September 2022: Vail Daily: A Last Best Place Worth Preserving, Mike Browning

08 September 2022: Get WIld: More Fun With Llamas, Mike Browning

01 September 2022: Get Wild: Crappy consequences of leaving pet poop behind, Stasia Stockwell

25 August 2022: Get Wild: Surviving lightning in the backcountry, Charles Pitman

18 August 2022: Get Wild: Rain rain, don't go away! Karn Stiegelmeier

11 August 2022: Get Wild: Be aware of giardia, Joan Betz

05 August 2022: Get Wild: Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, a Colorado treasure, Frances Hartogh

28 July 2022: Get Wild: Is camping in the backcountry better without a campfire? Stasia Stockwell

22 July 2022: Get Wild: Lilies of our mountains, Karn Stiegelmeier

14 July 2022: Get Wild: Our forests, our water, Libby Pansing

08 July 2022: Get Wild: Lights off and stars on. Let's protect the night sky, Martie Semmer

01 July 2022: Get Wild: Watermelon snow in the High Country

02 July 2022:  Curious Nature: The importance of leashing your dog in America's wilderness and alpine areas, Frances Hartogh

24 June 2022: Get Wild: Happy Trails — How to practice responsible recreation on the trails and at camp, Stasia Stockwell

17 June 2022: Get Wild: Thin shorts and cotton T-shirt for hiking may not be comfort wear, Charles Pitman 

10 June 2022: Joys, histories and mysteries of spring flowers

3 June 2022: Llamas in the Wilderness, Krista Hughes

27 May 2022: Get Wild: Be mindful of wild animals, Stasia Stockwell (not published online)

20 May 2022: Get Wild:Reconnecting Vail Pass, Julia Kintsch

13 May 13 2022: Get Wild: Properly catching and releasing fish, Ian Cormack

6 May 2022:  Get Wild: Sawyers in the forest, Zach Kauk

29 April 2022: Get Wild: Could we be in for a memorable night sky treat in May?, Steve Elder

22 April 2022: Get Wild: How to show our appreciation for the natural world on Earth Day, Stasia Stockwell

14 April 2022: Get Wild: Are there ever charges resulting from search and rescue operations?, Charles Pitman

7 April 2022: Get Wild: What happened to the Utes of Summit County?, Bill Betz

31 March 2022: Get Wild: Wet springtime snow is great for our watershed ,Harlan Kimball

24 March, 2022: Get Wild: The amazing lynx,  Frances Hartogh

21 March 2022: Vail Daily: Covering ground: Volunteer wilderness ranger program seeking volunteers

18 March 2022: Get Wild: How seasonal snowpack affects outdoor recreation year-round, Stasia Stockwell

11 March 2022: Get Wild: Why search and rescue is free in Colorado, Charles Pitman

9 March 2022: Summit Daily: Karn Stiegelmeier wins Lifetime Achievement Award

5 March 2022: Curious Nature: The bobcat is one tough little feline, Frances Hartogh

4 March 2022: Get Wild: Colorado’s Trail of Tears, Bill Betz

25 Feb 2022: Get Wild: Rosy finches are a winter delight, Joan Betz

17 Feb, 2022: Get Wild: What makes Colorado’s snowpack unique?, Stasia Stockwell

11 Feb 2022: Get Wild: How de-icers affect our water, Kendra Fuller

5 Feb 2022: Vail Daily: Curious Nature: Deep winter is a crisp, sparkling time to connect with the stars, Susie Kincade

4 Feb 2022: Get Wild: Lost or injured in the backcountry? Don’t call Mom, Charles Pitman

28 January 2022: Get Wild: Getting to know Summit’s winter birds, Susan Bonfield

20 January 2022: Get Wild: The elusive pine marten, Joan Betz

13 January 2022: Get Wild: Creating connection with nature to combat climate change, Kaylin Lilly

6 January 2022: Get Wild: The magic and science of snowflakes, Karn Stiegelmeier

30 December 2021: Get Wild: I’ve lost the trail. Now what?, Charles Pitman

23 December 2021: Get Wild: The true meaning of snow, Kendra Fuller

17 December 2021: Get Wild: Ptarmigan, the Alpine master of disguise, Mike Browning

10 December 2021:  Get Wild: Winter recreation safety in the wilderness, Krista Hughes

3 December 2021:  Get Wild: Devastation from fire, insects and humans leads to forest diversity and resiliency, Zach Kauk

26 November 2021: Get Wild: Thankful for wilderness, Karn Stiegelmeier

18 November 2021: Get Wild:  A journey over Ute Pass in 1866, Bill Betz

12 November 2021: Get Wild: Healing through nature and yoga, Savannah Golden

5 November 2021: Get Wild: What determines tree line?, Mike Browning

25 October 2021: Get Wild: A tale of two rodents. Joan Betz

19 October 2021:  Get Wild: What is the moral value of wilderness?, Mike Browning

12 October 2021:  Eagle Summit Wilderness Alliance honors longtime volunteer, Lindsey Toomer 

7 October 2021:  Get Wild: Great horned owls – our neighbors in the wilderness and forests, Karn Stiegelmeier

30 September 2021: Get Wild:  What is untrammeled wilderness?, Mike Browning

24 September 2021: Get Wild: Aspens are our beauties and our saviors, Karn Stiegelmeier

17 September 2021:  Get Wild: Sharing the wilderness with hunters, Steve Elder

14 September 2021:  Summit Daily:  Let's celebrate and work to protect America's wilderness areas, Mike Browning

10 September 2021:  Get Wild: What gets your (mountain) goat?, Frances Hartogh

9 September 2021:  VailDaily: Let's celebrate and protect Americas wilderness areas, Mike Browning

27 August 2021: Get Wild: Tales of Trails, Drea Sanchez

20 August 2021:  Get Wild: Tips for wild mushroom hunting, Joan Betz

13 August 2021: Get Wild:  Thistles- the good, bad and ugly, Jim Alexander

6 August 2021:  Get Wild: Identifying gigantic wildflowers, Frank Gutmann

1 August 2021:  How to safely forage for mushrooms in Summit County, Taylor Sienkiewicz

30 July 2021:  Get Wild: Dogs in the wilderness, Frances Hartogh

23 July 2021:  Get Wild: Preserving our precious Alpine wildflowers, Emily Griffoul

16 July 2021:  Get Wild: Moose on the loose, Frances Hartogh

12 July 2021:  Backcountry work trips aim to preserve and restore local wilderness, Lindsey Toomer

9 July 2021:  Get Wild: One crew's impact on trail clearing, Emily Elder

2 July 2021:  Get Wild:  Tenkara fishing is a gateway to wilderness appreciation, Steve Elder

25 June 2021:  Get Wild: A tale of three daisies, Jim Alexander

18 June 2021: Get Wild: What to have in your pack for a day hike, Ken Harper

10 June 2021: Get Wild:  Our magnificent mountain bluebirds, Karn Stiegelmeier

3 June 2021:  Get Wild: Beavers are the answer, Bill Betz

28 May 2021:  Get Wild: The wilderness needs you,  Dave Brewster

21 May 2021:  Get Wild:  When your neighbor's are bears.  Frances Hartogh

14 May 2021:  Get Wild: Identifying Summit's spring wildflower treasures.  Karn Stiegelmeier

7 May 2021:  Get Wild: What is wilderness?  Mike Browning

20 March 2021: Moose In Our Midst. Frances Hartogh 

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