Recently Published Articles

ESWA publishes articles in the Vail Daily News and Summit Daily News to help educate the public about Wilderness, Wilderness ethics, and nature.


Look for articles under the banner "Get Wild", which will be published weekly in Summit Daily beginning in May, and under the banner "Hike of the Week" or "Curious Nature" published monthly in the Vail Daily.


Copies of recent articles are linked below. 

Recent Articles:

January 20, 2022: Get Wild: The elusive pine marten, Joan Betz

January 13, 2022: Get Wild: Creating connection with nature to combat climate change, Kaylin Lilly

January 6, 2022: Get Wild: The magic and science of snowflakes, Karn Stiegelmeier

December 30, 2021: Get Wild: I’ve lost the trail. Now what?, Charles Pitman

December 23, 2021: Get Wild: The true meaning of snow, Kendra Fuller

December 17, 2021: Get Wild: Ptarmigan, the Alpine master of disguise, Mike Browning

December 10, 2021:  Get Wild: Winter recreation safety in the wilderness, Krista Hughes

December 3, 2021:  Get Wild: Devastation from fire, insects and humans leads to forest diversity and resiliency, Zach Kauk

November 26, 2021: Get Wild: Thankful for wilderness, Karn Stiegelmeier

November 18, 2021: Get Wild:  A journey over Ute Pass in 1866, Bill Betz

November 12, 2021: Get Wild: Healing through nature and yoga, Savannah Golden

November 5, 2021: Get Wild: What determines tree line?, Mike Browning

October 25, 2021: Get Wild: A tale of two rodents. Joan Betz

October 19, 2021:  Get Wild: What is the moral value of wilderness?, Mike Browning

October 12, 2021:  Eagle Summit Wilderness Alliance honors longtime volunteer, Lindsey Toomer 

October 7, 2021:  Get Wild: Great horned owls – our neighbors in the wilderness and forests, Karn Stiegelmeier

September 30, 2021: Get Wild:  What is untrammeled wilderness?, Mike Browning

September 24, 2021: Get Wild: Aspens are our beauties and our saviors, Karn Stiegelmeier

September 17, 2021:  Get Wild: Sharing the wilderness with hunters, Steve Elder

September 14, 2021:  Summit Daily:  Let's celebrate and work to protect America's wilderness areas, Mike Browning

September 10, 2021:  Get Wild: What gets your (mountain) goat?, Frances Hartogh

September 9, 2021:  VailDaily: Let's celebrate and protect Americas wilderness areas, Mike Browning

August 27, 2021: Get Wild: Tales of Trails, Drea Sanchez

August 20, 2021:  Get Wild: Tips for wild mushroom hunting, Joan Betz

August 13, 2021: Get Wild:  Thistles- the good, bad and ugly, Jim Alexander

August 6, 2021:  Get Wild: Identifying gigantic wildflowers, Frank Gutmann

August 1, 2021:  How to safely forage for mushrooms in Summit County, Taylor Sienkiewicz

July 30, 2021:  Get Wild: Dogs in the wilderness, Frances Hartogh

July 23, 2021:  Get Wild: Preserving our precious Alpine wildflowers, Emily Griffoul

July 16, 2021:  Get Wild: Moose on the loose, Frances Hartogh

July 12, 2021:  Backcountry work trips aim to preserve and restore local wilderness, Lindsey Toomer

July 9, 2021:  Get Wild: One crew's impact on trail clearing, Emily Elder

July 2, 2021:  Get Wild:  Tenkara fishing is a gateway to wilderness appreciation, Steve Elder

June 25, 2021:  Get Wild: A tale of three daisies, Jim Alexander

June 18, 2021: Get Wild: What to have in your pack for a day hike, Ken Harper

June 10, 2021: Get Wild:  Our magnificent mountain bluebirds, Karen Stiegelmeier

June 3, 2021:  Get Wild: Beavers are the answer, Bill Betz

May 28, 2021:  Get Wild: The wilderness needs you,  Dave Brewster

May 21, 2021:  Get Wild:  When your neighbor's are bears.  Frances Hartogh

May 14, 2021:  Get Wild: Identifying Summit's spring wildflower treasures.  Karen Stiegelmeier

May 7, 2021:  Get Wild: What is wilderness?  Mike Browning

March 20, 2021: Moose In Our Midst. Frances Hartogh.