We are an all-volunteer organization committed to the health and preservation of the three Wilderness Areas located in Eagle and Summit Counties, Colorado - Eagles Nest, Holy Cross, and Ptarmigan Peak (see map below). Won't you join us? 


We help the US Forest Service look after these Wilderness Areas. While they contain some remote and rugged terrain, they are nevertheless fragile ecosystems that are slow to heal and are being "loved to death." More than 50,000 visitors hiked on one trail alone in Eagles Nest in 2020! 


We offer many volunteer opportunities, which are described in detail on other pages.

What makes Wilderness special? Read the 1964 Wilderness Act and you will understand why it is the most protected public land in North America. The Act is not very long and we highlighted important parts.

Photo: Tim Drescher


The new ESWA website went live on 25 February, 2021. It's goodbye WordPress, hello Wix. The new Wix platform is far simpler to manage - all drag and drop, no coding. Several volunteers pitched in to make it a reality. Yonah Cohen, webmeister and Secretary of Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance (IPWA) helped Bill Betz get started with Wix. Chris Turner worked with Wix to get the site transferred smoothly and successfully. Cindy Levin has volunteered to take over management of the site. 

And the cost to ESWA? Multiple choice: $40/year, $260/year, or $1,340/year? Answer at bottom.

As we ramp up our Advocacy programs, Frances Hartogh has offered some great ideas for making the website better at explaining the issues to our local audience and describing specific actions that people can take. We will be implementing these ideas in the weeks ahead.

Monthly Planning Meeting: Thursday, March 11 at 5:30 pm via zoom. All are welcome!  (https://ucdenver.zoom.us/s/4732124622). 


We are starting to prepare for the 2021 summer season. Our Training Day in early June will be held remotely, and we are working hard to design a unique, informative, and fun experience. The subsequent mentor hikes will be held in person (masked and socially distanced).

As an all-volunteer organization, we are perpetually in need of volunteers for a variety of tasks - organizing, writing, calling. Please email us if you can help.

The cost of the website is just $40/year, so your donations, as usual, go virtually entirely to helping the underfunded Forest Service, understaffed with deeply dedicated professionals, manage and preserve our magnificent Wilderness Areas. 

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