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ESWA is committed to the health and preservation of the four Wilderness Areas located in Eagle and Summit Counties, Colorado - Eagles Nest, Holy Cross, Ptarmigan Peak and a portion of the Flat Tops Wilderness (see map below). We'd love to have you join us! 

We help the US Forest Service look after these Wilderness Areas. While they contain some remote and rugged terrain, they are nevertheless fragile ecosystems that are slow to heal and are being "loved to death." More than 50,000 visitors hiked on one trail alone in Eagles Nest last year! 

We invite you to view our website to learn more about ESWA and how you can get involved in helping protect these precious Wilderness areas.



Volunteer Wilderness Ranger training coming on June 1!


Want to help protect our wilderness areas by becoming a Volunteer Wilderness Ranger?  Join us for our June 1 training workshop!


This year’s mandatory new VWR training will be held Saturday, June 1 at the Eagles Nest HOA Pavilion in Silverthorne from 8:30am to 3:30pm.  During this training you’ll learn about the various roles you’ll play as a VWR, how to provide education and support for trail users, and gain practice in how to effectively handle various situations you may come across while on patrol or trailhead hosting.


Interested in joining our fun-loving cadre of wilderness rangers?

Mark the date on your calendar, fill out the VWR application near the bottom of the VWR page on our website here, and become a member of ESWA by filling out the membership application here.

Once registered, we will provide you with materials and videos to get you prepped for training day, and after training, will match you with a veteran VWR who will mentor you on a practice hike prior to setting you off on your own.

Join us!  We look forward to seeing you on June 1.


Check out the ESWA videos on our Youtube Channel. Click HERE.

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